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The 6 most outrageous things @SeaWorld has said about "Blackfish" — #EndSeaWorld
Off to visit the talented @paperhelen to pick up the final @BBCPhilharmonic brochure piece, exciting start to this fake Friday!
Watched the 'The Cove' the other night, it’s about the dolphin capture trade. It’s tough in parts, but worth it —
A very nice little white noise generator —

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@oneowlplease: @WeAreRaw @SeaWorld The phrase "clutching at straws" comes to mind. Great responses from Blackfish #EndSeaWorld
@Pro_Copywriting: @paperhelen @WeAreRaw @BBCPhilharmonic An occupational hazard, I'd imagine. Hope you have insurance.
@paperhelen: @Pro_Copywriting @WeAreRaw @BBCPhilharmonic Can't complain apart from when I get a paper cut : )


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Andy on Happy Snappers II

Lovely pictures
Caring Never Grows Old

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Professor Kliq - Plastic and Flashing Lights
Easy as 123
End of an era

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Rob on Made North

Nicely written Tobes!