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Having loads of fun today in the studio today for our #TheScienceofPlay piece for @End_of_Play
Footballers' Cribs - 1980s style
Look what we can do though when we come together — #ManchesterDogsHome
So sad! > > "More than 40 dogs die in blaze — "

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@textbookstudio: Sneak peek of our collabo with @bowyerjane of @WeAreRaw for #10x10 @designmcr . This Thurs, 6pm, Federation House —
@textbookstudio: Went over to @WeAreRaw earlier as part of their piece for @designmcr
@End_of_Play: @WeAreRaw glad you're having fun! Can't wait to see it.

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Andy on Happy Snappers II

Lovely pictures
Sport & Design, United

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Professor Kliq - Plastic and Flashing Lights
Easy as 123

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Rob on Made North

Nicely written Tobes!