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Tasty african dish served up by @sleeveboy for @bit_byte_bit last day at Raw — all the best Mike, it's been a blast!
Liking the simplicity of this french design graduates website —
Absolutely loving Anna Kövecses' illustrations for the BBC's brilliant 500 Words competition
How to Have an Idea by Frank Chimero — via @Ruth_Watson_

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@Myprovadis: Loving Bruce @weareraw fab creative design agency in salford
@CartwheelArts: Back from visiting our friends @WeAreRaw working on a new Visual identity for @CartwheelArts Exciting journey. Can't wait 2 see first drafts
@georgiewoodwood: @WeAreRaw hello, we (Lupo Caffè) just opened at 142 Chapel St. Classic coffees are a £1 all week if you fancy a try?

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Andy on Happy Snappers II

Lovely pictures
Inspired: Studio Weave

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Professor Kliq - Plastic and Flashing Lights
Easy as 123
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Rob on Made North

Nicely written Tobes!