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Sloppy/lazy email from a graduate asking for a job by copying in a load of other companies at once — yeah, that's gonna work! #fail
RT @bowyerjane : Love is in the air at @WeAreRaw , listening to some 'classic' wedding songs in prep for @Tom_Heaton 's big day :) Any recomme…
Germany to open its first “Zero-Waste” supermarket —
A good read > > An interview with Leftloft about their three-year rebranding of Inter Milan —

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@Dan_eightyfive: @WeAreRaw I'm sure I'll see you around :)
@Dan_eightyfive: @WeAreRaw strange experience seeing someone that you follow on twitter then realising you have never spoke to them in the flesh before

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Andy on Happy Snappers II

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Rob on Made North

Nicely written Tobes!